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What you need
  • 1 Large can of vegetarian baked beans.
  • Ketchup for taste
  • Season All
  • Garlic Powder
  • Brown Sugar
Onion Powder(or chopped onions if you desire them, they
must be cooked before the meat for flavor)

*You can make this meal also in a crock pot that is
temperature controlled on low for a quick meal.

Coat the frying pan with vegetable oil or olive oil.
Put in ground turkey or grown beef.
Make sure that the meat is being broken to smaller pieces
so that there won't be any large chunks that may not be
cooked evenly.

Put your season all and garlic powder in the meat.
While the meat is cooking cut up the hot dogs into bit size
pieces and put them in with the ground turkey.
When the ground meat is cooked, make sure that you
taste it to make sure the season is not to strong.

Mix the baked beans in, do not drain the juice.
Mix everything together and add a few table spoons of
ketchup and brown sugar for taste and mix and enjoy!
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