All Items are made in a kitchen
that bakes with Pecan nuts and
Almonds. Anyone with a peanut
allergy is ordering at their own

Baking Bread LLC
Is an in home and online bakery that
specializes in making the best  
cinnamon rolls . We are based in  
Orange County Virginia  in Locust

We offer the cinnamon roll lover, to
expand their taste buds to new
heights. We hands down, make the
cinnamon roll pastries ever. With
our delicious
Butter pecan roll that is
out of this world. The mouth
Strawberry shortcake roll
that is absolutely delicious and many
more.  Our products are all egg free.
Homemade goodness straight to your
Of Course We ship click here
for more
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Welcome to

Baking Bread LLC

Get a taste of home with the best cinnamon rolls you will ever have!!